How to assemble an Nzi trap

1. This is what you need

2. And this is how you put it together

3.    The Nzi trap uses four wooden poles

4. You will need to cut these yourself

5. Hammer four nails into the top of the centre post

6. Having made your four poles....

7.  next clear the site of vegetation

8. Hammer the centre pole into the ground.

9. Fit the trap cone over the centre pole.

10. Stretch the rest of the trap out....

11 you can estimate where to put the other three poles.

12. Hammer the poles into the ground.

13. Attach the trap to the first pole with wire.

14   Do the same with the second corner.

15. And with the third.

16. The trap cone is supported on the nails in the centre post.

17.  Fit a plastic bag to the top of the cone.

18.  And there you have it!!.