A quick manual for assembly and use of a trap and a Tiny Target.

Both male and female tsetse flies are exclusively blood feeding on a variety of animals, including humans and inflict painful bites. If a tsetse fly is infected with parasites (Trypanosomes), it can transmit Sleeping Sickness (Human African Trypanosomiasis) to humans and Nagana (Animal African Trypanosomiasis) to livestock and domestic animals.

Most tsetse flies prefer shady and humid areas, eg. forests and rivers. In areas where tsetse flies present problems, it is possible to achieve local tsetse population control, depending on the size of the area treated.

This manual briefly describe how to use ‘Tiny Targets’ (Fig. 1, right), developed for cost-efficient control of tsetse flies along rivers, swamps and forested areas. These small blue and black cloth targets are treated with insecticide (Deltamethrin) and attract and kill tsetse flies when they collide with the cloth.

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