How to assemble and use a Tiny Target for killing tsetse

targets are designed for deployment at regular intervals of 50m to 100m in areas where the tsetse flies are present and can locate the targets, eg. along river banks, edges of swamps or lakes and areas where tsetse hosts are present, eg. paths and drinking places. These targets remain active in killing tsetse flies for up to 1 year, but it is necessary to keep the area around them cleared of vegetation and ensure that the targets remain upright, so that the tsetse flies can find them.

Step 1

Each target requires 4 sticks. Two strong sticks to use for uprights and two smaller sticks for horizontal supports.

Step 2

Insert the strong sticks into the seams along the edges of the target.

Step 3

Insert the smaller sticks into the top and bottom loops and corners.

Step 4

Plant the target upright, firmly pushing the sticks into the soil.  The target should face the water, and the area around it cleared of vegetation that may obscure the target.  Deploy targets every 50m – 100m along the edge of the river or swamp. 

In areas with many trees, targets can also be hung from branches. Make sure the target is not higher than 50cm from the ground level.