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Catching tsetse

What is the best trap for catching tsetse?

There is a wide variety of traps that have been specifically designed to catch tsetse. The 'best' design depends upon which species you are trying to catch - and thus it is important to match the trap to the species.

For riverine species such as G. palpalis or G. fuscipes, use biconical (Challier & Laveissiere, 1973) or pyramidal (Gouteux & Lancien, 1986) traps. Examples of other modifications of the pyramidal trap designed specifically for riverine species of tsetse found in West Africa can be seen at the sleeping-sickness.com website.Epsilon trap

For savanna flies, such as G. morsitans subspp. and G. pallidipes, the 'best' trap seems to depend on where youare. In east Africa, the Ngu (Brightwell et al., 1987) or Nzi (Mihok et al., 2002) traps seem to be the best, whereas in southern Africa the Epsilon (Hargrove & Langley, 1990) is better.

For the fusca species G. brevipalis, the H-trap (Kappmeier, 2000) is best whereas the Ngu and Epsilon traps have been used successfully to catch G. longipennis in Kenya and Somalia.


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