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Steve Torr Steve Torr
Reader in Veterinary Entomology at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich, UK.
Contributed to understanding of tsetse behaviour and development of bait technologies for tsetse control.
Tel +1634 883304; Fax +1634 883379; Email s.torr@gre.ac.uk
Glyn Vale Glyn Vale
Leading researcher on tsetse behaviour and the use of bait technologies for controlling tsetse, and the author of Tsetse Plan. Visiting Professor at the Natural Resources Institute and previously Chief Glossinologist and Director at the Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Control Branch of the Department of Veterinary Services, Zimbabwe. Finalist in 2003 World Technology Awards for the Environment.
Email gvale@healthnet.zw
Clement Mangwiro Clement Mangwiro
Senior lecturer in the Department of Livestock and Wildlife Management at the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Previously, Clement was a Senior Research Officer in the Zimbabwe Department of Veterinary Services where he carried out research on the host-orientated behaviour of tsetse and the performance of insecticides for tsetse control. Email tncmangwiro@yahoo.co.uk
Claude Laveissière
Medical Entomologist with IRD pioneering work on bait technologies for monitoring and control of tsetse in West Africa 1981-2007. Responsible for French version of tsetse.org.
David Hall David Hall
Professor of Chemical Ecology at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB, UK.
Contributed to identification of tsetse attractants and the formulation and use of these in tsetse control.
Tel +1634 883207; Fax +1634 883379; Email d.r.hall@gre.ac.uk
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John Morton

John Morton
Professor of Development Anthropology at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich UK. Over 20 years experience in applied research for rural development, particularly social, institutional and policy aspects of livestock and pastoralist development.
Tel +1634 883064; Fax +1634 883377; Email j.f.morton@gre.ac.uk

Birgit van Munster Birgit van Munster
Veterinarian and managing director of Capricorn Consultants Ltd. Experience of tsetse and trypanosomiasis control operations in Tanzania and Zambia.
Email birgit@kaributanga.com
John Hargrove John Hargrove
Professor John Hargrove is the Director of the South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA). John has worked for more than 30 years on many aspects of tsetse biology and control, with particular emphasis on the application of mathematical techniques to analyse the physiology, behaviour and population dynamics of tsetse.
Email Jhargrove@sun.ac.za